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  1. Ryu Rena
    Wed Aug 15, 2012 9:43 am
    Message by Ryu Rena - I agree with you
    Hey senpai, I got your message. Thanks for sending it to me, I needed a distraction Smile I don't really know how to give opinions that well but I'm as upset as you are right now.

    I'm not sure whether you had something to do with Ichigo-san discontinuing her blog or not but it's true it came almost immediately after your comment. Somehow..I do think that she really does has access to the thread like how Babyface is a bridge between the thread and the fuckyeahtakagitwins tumblr. Maybe it got leaked, maybe she visited here as a spy, we may never know but I do know this..
    She's taking that little comment a little too far. If you'd seen my post, I also agreed with you that her comment was a bit insensitive because we fangirls here have no access to the twins like how she does. She should at least consider our feelings because we're depending on her to help us understand the twins better.

    I'm not blaming you for making us loose our only link to the twins (gosh I hope that doesn't come out wrong) and I don't think anybody else blames you too. Like you said, Ichigo-san is just being childish. I can't believe a great translator like her, who knew she has hundreds of followers on the twins would just DROP everything over a couple of comments.
    If it was me, I would've continued with my page for years knowing people actually depend on me for some juicy news for the twins. But no..not with Ichigo-san. She just has to discontinue because her feelings got a boo-boo (call me mean or insensitive, but I'm really peeved with her right now Mad )

    A translator can't just say that she knows something that'll effect the fans' feelings towards their favourite star. Sure she approves of whoever girl Manpei is seeing, but what about the rest of us? Don't we matter? Does she think she's the only Takagi fangirl out there?

    Emotional moment..sorry about that..

    Like you, I'm also not taking back on my words when I said her comment was rather rude and insensitive because I know we're both correct, along with the other fangirls who commented in the twins' thread.
    I'm just glad Babyface-san found a translator who's nice enough to help translate the twins' previous blog posts.

    I just hope the twins doesn't decide to update three posts in two days or something like that Onion Wipes Sweat, h ..that might be a little too much to ask from Babyface-san's friend

    And don't worry, I won't tell anyone about this. Hug I'm just glad you're here to listen to my rant which is..surprisingly 'gentle'-ish.



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