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  1. Mrs.Takagi
    Wed Aug 15, 2012 6:54 am
    Message by Mrs.Takagi - Ichigo-kurimu
    Hey Rena-chan! How are you? Are you still studying hard? I hope I'm not interrupting by sending you a private message, but I really felt like ranting to someone right now but I didn't want to post it in the 'Twins Appreciation' page.

    Basically, I'm starting to get the feeling that maybe I had something to do with the fact that Ichigo-kurimu decided not to post translations/updates about the twins anymore. Her announcement came almost right after I'd made comments about the slightly insensitive remarks she leaves on her tumblr page. I could be totally wrong and just paranoid but if you compare my comments to her final message it sounds almost like my comments somehow reached her, meaning either she has access to this forum or someone else who's a member on this forum leaked to her what I said.

    She took it personally, got offended and now possibly because of what I said, I cost all of us the only decent translator we had access to.

    Even though it's unfortunate that she took offense to any comments I or anyone else made, I think her actions only proved my comments to be true. For example, I've read comments on tumblr that follwers leave for other moderators, saying how they disapprove of various things (sometimes the accusations were true and sometime they weren't). But most of the time moderators just ignore the comments and even though they may respond to the angry comments they pretty much just continue to run their page as they please and don't really change anything, which they have the right to do.

    But I have never ONCE heard of someone completely just deciding to stop updating their page simply because their "feelings got hurt". It might just be me but I feel like that's quite petty and selfish; Ichigo could've simply just chosen to ignore any remarks that she disagreed with but instead chose to punish all of her followers by refusing to update anymore. That is just so childish to me Mad .

    She could've said something like, "I've made some people upset with how I update my page, but since it's my page I will continue to run it however I please."

    But instead she took the immature approach and basically said, "Well, since people are claiming that I've been making insensitive comments on my page, I'm just going to stop updating altogether."

    Doesn't she just realize she's proving how insensitive she really is by doing that? Suspect

    I don't know if anyone else in fact had words for how she left comments on her page, about how she posted "half-information", or even what they said, but if she would've just cleared things up in her own words I think that would've been fair enough. Actually, I think if she had even attempted to explain herself I would've even offered an apology on my behalf. And for the record if she DID get offended by my words alone, I don't think my comments were very offensive; I was honest but not downright mean, because I don't think I needed to be mean, I was only stating my honest opinion.

    Anyway, I don't know what her problem is but I think Ichigo has a bit of an attitude problem. I remember a month or so ago she mentioned that she was going to the twins' fan meeting event (which is in a couple of days). I don't know if she'll be posting her review of the event on tumblr but I'm starting to doubt it.

    It's unfortunate that we possibly won't have any more English translations of the twins' whereabouts and I hope that Babyface will be able to find a possible long-term translator. But just as well. . . .I'm not sorry for my remarks and all I can hope for is that there's a possible chance that Ichigo reflects on her actions and changes her mind about not translating anymore.

    Okay, end of rant. Very Happy

    I'd appreciate if you didn't mention this to anyone else on the forum, since I still can't rule out that any comments I made on here got leaked to Ichigo.

    Thanks for "listening" and sorry for bothering you. Good luck for your studies Hug

    -Mrs. Takagi

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