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    Post by yanie on Sat Aug 06, 2011 7:46 am

    This is a thread to share stuff on some filming reports/twits by the staff, the cast's relationships with each other based on interviews, the producer's diary (behind-the-scenes talk). I will also share some interview translations and other translations related to behind-the-scenes, in this thread.

    Okay, first things first... YUSUKE/HARUNA, anyone?

    I really love their "brother-sister" relationship! In the press conference, Yusuke mentioned how Haruna likes to bite arms, and she has bit the other cast's arms (except Ryusei Ryo/Nekozawa), then Haruna bite Yusuke's arm on the spot. Apparently not just biting them, in the JCOM interview, Haruna mentioned that she likes watching men's arms, esp. the thick-skinned ones with veins. Yusuke said Haruna likes his arms and from time to time would ask, "Tamaki-senpai! Pls lend me your arm! It calms me,". Then Yusuke would immediately stretch out his arm to her, "Ohh, okay! Here, Haruhi, Haruhi!". Hahaha, that's too cute!!^v^
    I also noticed that Yusuke likes to touch her, and I kept thinking, "Stop harrassing her! She's underage!" lol!

    I really wonder what happens here???

    In a solo interview, Haruna mentioned that Yusuke is like an older brother figure for her.

    In JCOM, Yusuke also said, that he wanted to ask Haruna out for a meal sometimes, but he's afraid of the paparazzi-s, LOL!

    Hoping their wonderful chemistry in the later Tamaki/Haruhi romantic scenes!!^v^
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    Re: Behind-The-Scenes

    Post by Nipples Admin on Sat Aug 06, 2011 7:52 am


    Aww, too bad they think of each other as siblings, though. But I guess that makes sense with their big age difference. Either way I still like their relationship though, they're so cute and chummy together.

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    Re: Behind-The-Scenes

    Post by usa-chan on Sat Aug 06, 2011 7:52 am

    aw, too cute. too cute. :3 Nodding
    she bites arms? hehee, that's something i have in common with her. Cool
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    Re: Behind-The-Scenes

    Post by yanie on Sat Aug 06, 2011 8:10 am

    I found this twit:

    31 Jul Favorite Retweet Reply
    TBS' Ouran Highschool Host Club's filming is starting at the New Herb Garden. It must be difficult to bring in all the (filming) equipments here.

    31 Jul Favorite Retweet Reply
    The Suite Room's balcony is being covered, ne. Seem like the cast hasn't arrived yet.

    1 Aug Favorite Retweet Reply
    The "Ouran" drama filming is over. The scenes filmed here will be aired on Aug 19. As cooperator, Ohtaki Herb Garden will appear in the credits. I wonder how will it be shown on the screen. Can't wait.

    1 Aug Favorite Retweet Reply
    The staff worked hard until dawn, thank you for your hard work! We give presents to the casts, and they were all happy about it. Please relax with the herbal bath, ne.


    FYI, the official site:

    What do you guys think??? Could this be.... the KARUIZAWA pension??? *v* Well, the real thing is actually located at Chiba prefecture, near Tokyo. (Karuizawa is in Nagano pref.) But I meant, will this be the Karuizawa episode?

    But when I read that it'll air on Aug 19... that means Ep5, which will be the beach/thunder episode Sad

    But I really can't get over how much this HerbGarden hotel looks alot like the Karuizawa pension *v*
    Not to mention, the owner twitted that someone from Karuizawa visited the hotel, on 8 July twit. (though it could be a coincidence...)

    Hiks... I desperately want the Karuizawa episode *Tamaki's puppy eyes*
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    Re: Behind-The-Scenes

    Post by MangaMistrezz on Sat Aug 06, 2011 8:27 am

    KKKKYYYYAAAAAAHHHHHHH! HarunaxYusuke! I love it! I hope there's a kissing scene between them in the drama (I was disappointed with the 'no-kissing' scene between them in the anime) Where can I watch the press conference (the one with good quality and- hopefully- english subtitles?

    The pic of the house above...yeah, maybe it's for the Karuizawa pension.
    Episode 5 is the beach scene?! But what happened to the artificial beach episode?! I want to see the relationship between Honey and Mori in that episode!!! I guess that's why they showed Honey's karate moves in Episode 2 instead.
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    Re: Behind-The-Scenes

    Post by yanie on Sat Aug 06, 2011 8:44 am

    MangaMistrezz wrote:KKKKYYYYAAAAAAHHHHHHH! HarunaxYusuke! I love it! I hope there's a kissing scene between them in the drama (I was disappointed with the 'no-kissing' scene between them in the anime) Where can I watch the press conference (the one with good quality and- hopefully- english subtitles?
    Too bad... I can't find a full clip of the press conference, just the digest clip (without the arm-biting part nor Yusuke going head-to-head with Haruna):

    MangaMistrezz wrote:The pic of the house above...yeah, maybe it's for the Karuizawa pension.
    Episode 5 is the beach scene?! But what happened to the artificial beach episode?! I want to see the relationship between Honey and Mori in that episode!!! I guess that's why they showed Honey's karate moves in Episode 2 instead.
    I'm afraid no artificial beach episode Neutral
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    Re: Behind-The-Scenes

    Post by Otaku-Nipples on Sat Aug 06, 2011 9:04 am

    Aww~! They're so cute together! I think Haruna is brilliant as Haruhi!
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    Re: Behind-The-Scenes

    Post by Mrs.Takagi on Sat Aug 06, 2011 9:18 am

    They look very cute together, very much like an older brother and his kid sister Smile I'm glad that they get along so well at that they're so close in real life, that may actually prove to be beneficial in later episodes.

    I'm neither for or opposed to the idea of Haruhi and Tamaki having an onscreen kiss. (American TV shows can't go THREE episodes without the main characters sucking face. . . Rolling Eyes )

    Personally, I'd rather watch a little peck on the lips than a full on lip lock. . .to me, if they kiss at all, it should be tasteful and sweet. . .not gross and cringe-worthy. . .lol

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    Re: Behind-The-Scenes

    Post by MangaMistrezz on Sat Aug 06, 2011 9:48 am

    Mrs.ManpeiTakagi wrote:
    Personally, I'd rather watch a little peck on the lips than a full on lip lock. . .to me, if they kiss at all, it should be tasteful and sweet. . .not gross and cringe-worthy. . .lol

    They BETTER make the kiss (if there is one) tasteful and sweet! Haruhi and Tamaki would never suck face like two hormone-ridden sex addicts! I'm not worrying though, I'm sure they'll do the kiss justice (if there is one, again).
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    Re: Behind-The-Scenes

    Post by Nipples Admin on Sat Aug 06, 2011 9:24 pm

    Oh wow, that's a cool building! If it's for the beach episode perhaps that's Nekozawa's house? Thanks so much for telling us these tidbits yanie!

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    Re: Behind-The-Scenes

    Post by CommonFolkNipples on Sat Aug 06, 2011 11:24 pm

    For some odd reason, I thought this house would be used for the "Refreshing" episode (I'm not even gonna try and spell that long K-pension name) and I thought that the Pension episode was gonna be episode 5--I started bawling on the inside cause I thought episode 5 was gonna be the Beach Episode and if it wasn't then....I would die...

    BUT IF THIS IS GONNA BE USED AS NEKOZAWA'S HOUSE THEN IT'S ALL GOOD AGAIN 8D I get to watch my Beach scene without having to worry about school <3
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    Episode 0 Cast Special Talk ~translation~

    Post by yanie on Sun Aug 07, 2011 3:00 am

    translated by yanie

    First Part

    Yusuke: Hi, everyone! Good evening! We're the Ouran High School Host Club! Yoroshiku onegaishimaaasu!(your favour, please!)
    All: Yoroshiku onegaishimaasu!
    Yusuke: First of all, let's introduce ourselves. But it's boring to do it the usual way. So we'll let the other cast to introduce each of us! Let's try this "Tanin Shoukai"("Introducing Each Other") thing.
    (everyone claps)
    Ryusei: Waaaait a minute! Aren't you forgetting me??
    Yusuke: Whoaaaaaa~~~!!!!
    Haruna: It's Nekozawa-sempai!!

    (yanie: I can't get my eyes off of where Yusuke's right hand's at, and he seem so comfortable too with it *v*)

    Shinpei: It's Neko-chan...
    Manpei: We've forgotten him, huh.
    Yusuke: *to Ryusei* What are you doing here?
    Ryusei: I'm joining in!
    Daito: Sorry, we don't know how to interact with Neko-chan.
    All: Sou, sou (he's right)...
    Daito: We'll learn more from now on.
    Yusuke: Sorry, that it wasn't funny.
    Daito: No, no, it's no one's fault!

    Yusuke: Okay, let's start with the lead, Kawaguchi Haruna-san!
    Haruna: I'm Kawaguchi Haruna, playing the role as Fujioka Haruhi! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!
    (everyone claps)
    Nakamura: Um...
    Haruna: This is scary...
    Yusuke: Oh, you'll go?
    Nakamura: Yeah. I'll go.
    Nakamura: The first time I met her, I thought she's the shy type. But she actually makes the atmosphere lively.
    All: Aaa... I see... that's right.
    Nakamura: Also, she's kind yet clumsy.

    (Haruna laughs)
    Nakamura: I hurt my finger once. When I went out, she was the first one to notice, and she immediately ran inside and back bringing me hiepita (a cooling gel pack used to reduce the effects of a fever). She wrapped my finger with it, but it won't stick on. Since I thought I shouldn't waste her kindness, I went home with that (loosely wrapped on my finger).
    (everyone laughs)
    Daito: Seem like she can't stand being alone.
    All: Ahh....
    Shinpei: I can see that.
    Daito: I heard she's the shy type, but she always talk with the others, so I thought, "She's not shy at all". And when no one talk to her, she'd feel lonely, like, "No one wants to talk to me...".
    Haruna: Yes I am... because I'm the youngest child.
    Daito: Oh really?
    Haruna: I'm the youngest of three sisters. I always want to talk to someone.
    Yusuke: Okay, so she can't stand being alone, she's kind but a bit clumsy.

    Daito: Next!
    Yusuke: Next one is...
    All: It's the king... King, go ahead!
    Shinpei: Tono(milord)!
    Yusuke: I'm Yamamoto Yusuke, playing the role as Suou Tamaki!
    (everyone claps)
    Haruna: Tennen? (natural [airhead])
    Daito: Simple-minded.
    Haruna: Oh, honest!
    Manpei: Cute?
    Shinpei: Always give his all might?
    Daito: Oh, I think honest fits him!
    Yusuke: Honest?
    Shinpei: There's no lie in him.
    Daito: Yes.
    Nakamura: We can immediately read his face, huh. Like, "Oh, he's now in a bad mood,". Or, like "Oh, he's really up to it today".
    Yusuke: Really?
    Daito: That's true. The way he laugh is so weird, though.
    Yusuke: What do you mean??
    Nakamura: How does he laugh, Daito-kun?
    Daito: Heh... ehehe... eheheh...
    Yusuke: I don't laugh like that!
    Nakamura: That sounds just like it!
    Haruna: *laughs* How obnoxious...
    Yusuke: HEY!!! Omae(you)--!! (yanie: I love that he calls her "omae" ;P)
    Haruna: I'm sorry!

    Yusuke: So, to sum it up... I'm tennen, honest...
    Manpei: Cute.
    Yusuke: Cute? Really? Thanks, man.

    All: Yes, cute, cute.
    Daito: I never seen anyone as honest as you are, y'know.
    Yusuke: Really?
    Daito: I think, that part of you resembles... Tamaki?
    Nakamura: Yeah, when he acts, he immediately become a "prince".
    Yusuke: Really??
    Nakamura: Like his expression and all... I'm a man, but my heart skipped a beat to see that.
    Yusuke: Seriously!?
    Nakamura: Not in a dirty way, but...
    Yusuke: *laughs* You better not feeling that!!!
    Nakamura: Well, I dunno... but don't you feel that? *to Manpei/Shinpei* Doesn't he look like a prince sometimes?
    Shinpei: Ahh... he does.
    Yusuke: *looking shy* What's this... Okay, let's go out and have a meal together!
    Daito: Gochisousama deeeesu!! (looking fwd to your treat!)
    All: Gochisousama deeeesu!!

    Ryusei: I'm Ryusei Ryo, playing the role as Nekozawa Umehito.
    Yusuke: You guys have anything to say about him?
    Ryusei: I'm sure you guys have a lot to say. I look like this, afterall. Please say it all!
    Yusuke: Masaya, do you have something to say about him?
    Nakamura: No, I don't.
    Yusuke: Chiba-chan?
    Chiba: I'm fine...
    Yusuke: Shinpei?
    Shinpei: It's fine...
    Yusuke: Manpei?
    Manpei: I'm fine...
    Daito: I'm sorry...
    Yusuke: No comment from me. Haruna-chan?
    Haruna: ............
    Haruna: Sorry, I'm fine.
    (Ryusei falls off of his chair, lol)
    Ryusei: There's at least, something, right!?
    Nakamura: The conclusion is... it looks like you're feeling hot (with that costume).
    (everyone laughs)
    Nakamura: We only comment his appearance for Ryusei.
    Daito: Seem like he's a hard worker?
    Haruna: He has a good fashion sense.
    Haruna: He has long legs!
    Yusuke: Long legs!
    Haruna: Very small face!
    Yusuke: Small face!
    Ryusei: You're all saying about my appearance... is this okay? How about the inner part of me...
    Manpei: You have long bangs.
    Ryusei: That's just my appearance now.
    Yusuke: 19 years old!
    Ryusei: I'm 18!
    (everyone laughs)

    Last Part

    Yusuke: Next, Nakamura Masaya-san!
    Nakamura: I'm Nakamura Masaya, playing the role as Morinodzuka Takashi.
    Shinpei: He's tall!
    Chiba: Reliable!

    Nakamura: That's just my appearance.
    Ryusei: Skin of an "aniki"!
    Daito: He talks alot, right? He shows off too.
    Yusuke: Tall, Kansai dialect, dark.
    Nakamura: That's just my appearance! You make me sound so shallow!

    Yusuke: Next!
    Chiba: I'm Chiba Yudai, playing the role as Haninodzuka Mitsukuni.
    (everyone claps)
    All: He's cute...
    Haruna: On the contrary, he's actually manly!
    All: Ohhh...
    Haruna: I thought he's kind and more girl-like, but apparently he's manly...
    Yusuke: Did he do something to you?
    Chiba: *laughs* No... I didn't do anything to her!
    Haruna: He grows moustache and beard too...
    (everyone laughs out loud)
    All: Ssshhhhh!
    Yusuke: Of course he grows hair on his face, he's 23!
    Chiba: Ssshh... you just said something that'd be a hindrance for my business!
    Daito: Honey-sempai don't grow moustache!

    Yusuke: Next, the twin brothers... Takagi Shinpei, Manpei.
    Shinpei: I'm Takagi Shinpei, playing the role as Hitachiin Hikaru.
    Manpei: Hitachiin--- (everyone suddenly claps; so he stops)
    Manpei: I'm Takagi Manpei, playing the role as Hitachiin Kaoru.
    (everyone claps)
    Yusuke: Shinpei, Manpei!
    (Chiba raised his hand)
    Chiba: I think the S and M characters of their roles and their real-life personality, are the opposite.

    Shinpei: So you can see that.
    Manpei: What do you mean?
    Chiba: Shinpei-kun seem to be the softer one... but he's playing Hikaru.
    Daito: The other day, during break, they were both sleeping in their own rooms, only closed by a curtain... When I opened both curtains, both of them were sleeping in the exact same way, though they weren't suppose to be able to see each other, that time.
    Yusuke: When I invited everyone to go out for a meal... well, Chiba-kun had a schedule, and I didn't invite Daito-kun since he won't come anyway...
    (everyone laughs)
    Yusuke: Then... since Haruna-chan is a girl, I don't feel it's right to invite her to a man-gathering. Masaya and Ryusei came. Then Shinpei also came. But Manpei didn't. So I think... *points at Shinpei* he's sociable... and, *points at Manpei* work-only...
    (everyone laughs)
    Manpei: I'll go! I'll go out with you from now on.

    Yusuke: Next!
    Daito: I'm Daito Shunsuke, playing the role as Ootori Kyoya.
    (everyone claps)
    Yusuke: So, what about him?
    Daito: What's that!?
    (*the way Yusuke asked, was probably a bit rude^^)
    Daito: This is where they'd start!
    Nakamura: He knows everything.
    All: Ahh...
    Haruna: Stylish! His clothes are... stylish...
    Yusuke: Stylish man!
    Daito: *laughs* Stylish man?
    Nakamura: *to Yusuke & Daito* But you guys have known each other for a long time, right?

    [note: Yamamoto Yusuke and Daito Shunsuke have worked together in Himitsu no Hanazono (2007), HanaKimi (2007), RESCUE (2009) and Tumbling (2010)]

    Daito: Yes, very long. It was since our debut, 6 years ago.
    Nakamura: How many times have you gone out for a meal together?
    Yusuke: Zero!
    (Daito laughs)
    All: Heeeeeeeee?????
    Yusuke: And I still don't know his cellphone number now.
    All: Really???
    Yusuke: It's true!! Long time ago, when I was 18, we exchanged numbers. I get to contact him on the first year. But about two years later, when I tried to text him, apparently he changed his number. Isn't that scary!?

    Daito: Sorry!!
    Daito: Okay, then... everyone, let's go and have a meal together!!
    All: Let's go!!
    Daito: I'll be the organizer and gather you guys!!

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    Re: Behind-The-Scenes

    Post by Otaku-Nipples on Sun Aug 07, 2011 3:26 am

    That's really made me laugh~! When I was watching that I had an idea of what they were saying, introducing themselves~!
    But this is great, know I understand what all their inside jokes were about Wink Thanks!
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    Re: Behind-The-Scenes

    Post by Nipples Admin on Sun Aug 07, 2011 3:33 am

    Thanks so much for translating yanie!! The cast is hilarious together! I love that little moment between Haruna and Nakamura, and how Manpei kept saying Yusuke was cute, and Nakamura admitting his heart "skipped a beat", haha. I really want to put subs on the video now except I don't know how!

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    Re: Behind-The-Scenes

    Post by cheesyfleas on Sun Aug 07, 2011 5:26 am

    Thanks muchly for the translation! Nice to see what they were talking about at long last.
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    Re: Behind-The-Scenes

    Post by awesome_nipples on Sun Aug 07, 2011 6:51 am

    XD Daito is really mean to Yusuke it seems... MAKES HIM EVEN MORE AWESOME!
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    JCOM Interview

    Post by yanie on Sun Aug 07, 2011 9:29 am

    J-COM Interview
    Guest: Kawaguchi Haruna, Yamamoto Yusuke

    translated by yanie

    You can watch it here:
    (it won't play in my Mozilla Firefox, but it plays in my Internet Explorer)

    Host: Today, the cast of "Ouran Highschool Host Club", Kawaguchi Haruna-san and Yamamoto Yusuke-san came as guests!
    Host: Your favour please! Please have a seat!
    Male host: Wow... if only there are really highschool students like this!
    (Haruna-Yusuke laughs)
    Host: Kawaguchi-san, thank you for coming last week.
    Haruna: Not at all.
    Host: Yamamoto-san, nice to meet you. Your favour please.
    Yusuke: Your favour please.
    Host: Actually, JCOM-On-Demand will be releasing the 2nd episode tonight, but TBS is starting with the first episode tonight. Regarding the story, Kawaguchi-san, please briefly sum it up.
    Haruna: Okay, um... In a very rich school, Ouran Private School, a commoner girl, Fujioka Haruhi, got to enter the school with scholarship, and she entered the Host Club. And there will be many things happening there.
    Host: And there's bucho (the president) there, right?
    Yusuke: Yes, I'll be playing the bucho role, Suou Tamaki! He is very popular...
    Host: Number one?
    Yusuke: Yes, host #1.

    Host: Actually, we'll be opening a live poll here. "Who would you choose to be your boyfriend?". Kawaguchi-san or Yamamoto-san? We'll be receiving votes from now on. So, can you two please stand up for a moment?
    (Haruna-Yusuke stood up)
    Host: Okay, audience, these are the two persons you have to choose! Which one do you want to be your boyfriend?
    (Haruna is waving her hands, Yusuke started waving too and then posed ala Tamaki, lol)
    Host: Okay then! Thank you very much! Have a seat please. Sorry for asking you many weird things. Okay, let's introduce them properly now.
    Female Host: Alright. First, Kawaguchi Haruna-san who played the leading role, Fujioka Haruhi. Kawaguchi-san have starred many popular dramas, like "Nakanai to Kimeta Hi", "Nagareboshi", also the movie, "Moshidora". Besides that she also appears in magazines and commercials. Next, Yamamoto Yusuke-san who played the bucho role, Suou Tamaki. In 2005, Yamamoto-san won the JUNON Super Boy Contest Grand Prix award and the Photogenic award, and then he debuted in the entertainment world. Since then, he starred many popular dramas and movies. He is also a model and a voice actor.
    (all the while, the female host introducing his career, Yusuke is making this charming smiles and kakkoii poses just like Tamaki, lol)
    Host: Okay, Kawaguchi-san, Yamamoto-san, once again, your favour please!
    Yusuke-Haruna: Your favour please.
    Host: I've watched the first episode!
    Yusuke: Oh, really??
    Host: It was great!! It was really great!
    Yusuke: Oh really?
    Host: So, Kawaguchi-san is, Fujioka Haruhi is, a girl...?
    Haruna: A girl.
    Host: A boy?
    Haruna: No, a girl!
    Host: She's a girl right? She's a girl, but she's a boy, right?
    Haruna: Well, yes, she disguised herself as a boy. Not that she wants to hide it. But she dropped the vase, and then she reluctantly has to join the host club.
    Host: Then, how did bucho see her the first time? Did you know she's a girl? Or you think she's a boy?
    Yusuke: I thought she's a boy, but then later on, I realized she's a girl.
    Host: The very interesting part is that it has lots of gags. And bucho... Yamamoto-san, your performance was really something!
    Yusuke: Yes, well... when I read the original manga, this Suou Tamaki character, is princely, but also an idiot. Mischievous, but also cool. He has so many sides. And I think to show all those charms is difficult. I just did my best to portray my own Tamaki.
    Host: That's great. Kawaguchi-san, what do you think of that bucho role? Does he make your heart beats faster?
    Haruna: Well... yes, it makes my heart beats faster. Actually most of the time he'd just come closer to me agressively and Haruhi would feel reluctant about that. But there are times when he'd look at me in the eye seriously, and when he recited his lines seriously and naturally, this would make my heart beats faster.
    Host: Then again, the host club members' characters are really unique, aren't they?
    Yusuke: That's right! Yes! The lovely type...
    Host: *laughs* Lovely type!
    Yusuke: Wild type... the forbidden twins love...
    Host: I like that forbidden twins love the most! Doesn't it make you think "Ehh?? They'll go that way!?" ?? It's very interesting... But anyway, this is a host club right? Did you have to research on how hosts would tend their customers?
    Yusuke: Um...
    Haruna: Haruhi didn't have to, at all. But the other host members learned some host manners.
    Host: I see... how about bucho?
    Yusuke: Since it involves acting, I think it's fine as long as I keep the Tamaki's character, in the host scenes. But let me mention just one! I always have to talk in this distance!!

    Host: So close, huh!
    Yusuke: So... I brush my teeth ten times a day!
    (Haruna laughs)
    Yusuke: During the filming...
    Host: Really?? You know, I think if you talk in that distance with someone in real life, that someone will find you very annoying, isn't it?
    Yusuke: Yes!
    Female host: That's right.
    Yusuke: I'm practically blowing my breath toward the other person's face. So I'd always ask first, "Does my breath smell okay?".
    (Haruna laughs)
    Host: So you checked it first?? I see... So did the director say something like, "Get closer!" ?
    Yusuke: Yes! When I read the script, "get your face closer to her", then I'll go like this.

    Yusuke: But then the director would say, "No, get even closer! Tamaki is always very close,"
    (host laughs)
    Yusuke: The twins also often gets close to each other right? Those are not normal positions as well, for them...
    Host: Yes I mean, they're both guys and have to talk this close!
    Yusuke: Yes! Those two also brush their teeth many times, before the filming start.
    Host: *laughs* It's so interesting....! I love the twins and that lovely type.
    Yusuke: Oh, I see.
    Host: Seem like there are so many CG effects...
    Haruna: Yes, that's right. Some action, too.
    Host: There's this "Uhn!" scene, right... the one... oops, I guess I shouldn't say much here. Sorry.
    But anyway, that scene was very impressive. Was it hard for you to act that? You have to imagine them, right?
    Yusuke: The director said, "There will be a big heart coming out, then it will get stabbed, and you'll fall down!". Well, everything's completely pictured in the director's mind. But I totally didn't get it. In any case, I just tried to imagine, it come out, it got stabbed, and I had to fall down, that's all. It's really a world of imagination.
    Host: It was really a very interesting heart shape y'know! The first time I ever see that kind of heart shape. I mean it shaped like this, right?
    Yusuke: Obnoxious, huh?
    Host: No, no. And I thought "This is really something new!". But I guess it must be difficult for you, the cast, huh.
    Haruna: For now, Haruhi haven't get any CG-ed scenes yet. Though, Haruhi get to push the CG-ed Tamaki alot.
    Host: Yes. You also make the girls' hearts beating faster, right?
    Haruna: Ah, yes.
    Host: What do you think of that? Making the girl's hearts beats faster?
    Haruna: Well...
    Host: Of course, in terms of acting here...
    Haruna: But actually, there's a scene where the girl touched me saying, "Ne, ne..." like that... and I thought, "Ah, she's cute..."... it was a man's point of view...
    Host: You think she's cute? Ahh, I see... The bucho is a very skilled host, isn't he? How about yourself, is there any part of you that already have that skill?
    Yusuke: Not at all! Well I mean, like his idiot side... or well, I'm the straightforward type. I always only get into one thing at a time. So, I already have that manly and idiot sides of him. But I didn't have that "prince" side of him, so in the beginning I felt embarrassed. I think I kept feeling embarrassed in the first episode. I've gotten used to it since Episode 2, though.
    Host: I see... We had nothing like this before. It reminds me of Takarazuka type of acting! Right?
    Yusuke-Haruna: Yes, yes.

    [note: Takarazuka is a popular all-female acting troupe in Japan. The Lobelia girls in the manga/anime is a parody of Takarazuka^^]

    Host: I mean, if someone talk to you so close like that... *to the female host* Right??
    Female host: Yes!
    (everyone laughs)
    Host: Actually... *pointing at the female host* she also met Yamamoto-san for the first time, and she said, "Kakkooiiiii!".
    Yusuke: Really???
    Female host: Yes, on the elevator, I whispered, "He's so kakkoii!".
    (Yusuke looks shy here, heehee, cute!)
    Host: Can you please woo her in the bucho style??
    Yusuke: Woo!?
    Host: Like bucho...
    Yusuke: Okay, can you please ask me, "Tamaki-senpai, where will you take me to?".
    Female host: Okay, Tamaki-senpai, where will you take me to?
    Yusuke: *Tamaki mode-on* Whereever you want to go~
    Female host: Aaaa~!!! That was nice!!
    (everyone laughs)
    Host: Y'know... this hand gesture, y'know!
    (Yusuke did the hand gesture again)
    Host: You have to pay attention to that! Really, to the audience, please pay attention to that! This hand gestures after he talk, is really good! So, will everything escalates after this?
    Yusuke: Yes, I think so. The first episode is like, for, introducing the characters. It explains how Haruhi got into the host club, it introduces Tamaki's idiocy, the other members' idiocy. It's like an introduction episode. But starting episode 2, every character will start showing more of their charms.
    Host: That's great. I think there will be more CG to come.
    Female host: We'd really like to know about the romance too, ne.
    Host: That's right. So, will the two of you become the romance key here?
    Haruna: Yes...
    Host: We can't say much, but...
    Haruna: Well, yes, it's a romance comedy afterall.
    Host: Is it fun doing a romance comedy like this?
    Haruna: It's fun! *to Yusuke* It's fun right?
    Yusuke: Yes, it's fun!
    Host: Just by watching it, I can feel that all the cast are enjoying it. You're all very lively there. So, Yamamoto-san, is this your first time in romance comedy?
    Yusuke: I've done many comedies before, but a comedy that involves romance, is really the first time for me. Actually it has been quite a long time for me to act together with girls. Somehow, I've been doing many of the boys/manly type dramas continously. So... um, yeah, I'm happy about this. *putting his arm around Haruna, lol*

    Host: *laughs* His hand wandered around just now, huh?
    Host: So, during the filming, well you're all are about the same ages, so after each filming... like in private times, do you meet each other?
    Haruna: Well, I haven't done that yet. But during filming breaks, I usually talk with everyone and have meals together.
    Host: How about Yamamoto-san?
    Yusuke: Well, everyone in the host club are over 20 already, so each time after filming usually we'd go, "Let's go out and drink together now". Yesterday, we had a break, so I called Chiba-kun, I called Honey-sempai, and I asked him out. So the two of us had meal together and talked about acting the whole time.
    Host: I see!
    Yusuke: I want to ask Haruhi out too. I've gone out with the other members already, so I want to ask Haruhi out too, sometimes. But if we go out and have a meal just the two of us, I'm afraid of this... *gesturing like someone taking pictures*
    (Haruna is shaking her head)
    Host: Just go with these uniforms then!
    Yusuke: Eh?
    Host: Oh, that's not the problem huh? *laughs* The problem is you can't go together alone, ne. But it's great to be able to find new friends this way, right?
    (Haruna-Yusuke nodding)
    Host: Okay, so to the audience, please vote which one of these two would you like to be your boyfriend? Yamamoto-san or Kawaguchi-san? As for Kawaguchi-san, well... she's a girl, but this time, since her role is a girl disguising as a guy, so this means you get to be voted, as a guy. What do you think of this? If you get many votes from girls??
    Haruna: Oh, I'll be very happy!!
    Host: Really??
    Haruna: I don't know how they see me. But I'm happy if someone of the same gender likes me.
    Host: But although they're of the same gender, actually they'll treat you like the opposite gender...
    Haruna: *thinking, looking up*
    (everyone laughs)
    Haruna: I want them to see me as a girl, though.
    Host: You must be feeling complicated about this.
    Yusuke: But I really don't want to lose here.
    (everyone laughs)
    Yusuke: I'll lose my confidence!
    Host: You're bucho, afterall.
    Yusuke: Yes... but no, I mean, I'm a man! If I lose this...
    Host: You'll be feeling down a bit?
    Yusuke: I don't think I can appear in ikemen dramas anymore.
    Host: No, no such thing. Actually, we have received so many letters for you two! Let me read some of them. A question for Yamamoto-san, "Kawaguchi-san is cute, but have you ever seen a manly side of her?".
    Yusuke: Ohh, well... Haruhi said she's the very shy type, but apparently we come to get along very fast. She'd put her arm on my shoulder normally, just like a guy. And sometimes, during filming, she'd also show this... ikemen gaze. It's really surprising! In Episode 5, there's a scene where I talk to her face-to-face seriously. And that time, Haruhi's eyes are really ikemen. "Ah, she's a guy!" I thought.
    (everyone laughs)
    Host: She's a guy?? No, she's a girl.
    (Yusuke nod)
    Host: Another question for Yamamoto-san. "What do you think of Haruna-san as a girl?"
    Yusuke: Umm... she's an otaku!
    Haruna: Otaku?
    Yusuke: She likes EXILE alot!
    Haruna: *smiling shyly* Hey, wait a minute...
    Yusuke: She kept talking about EXILE, and kept asking us which member do we like, that we finally got bored in listening about it.
    Host: So you like them?
    Haruna: Yes, I do.
    Host: Every girl loves EXILE nowadays, ne!
    Haruna: They're kakkoii.
    Yusuke: So, at work, she's a reliable actress. But when she talk about EXILE, she become this common highschool girl.
    Host: Like, she's cute?
    Yusuke: Yes, cute.
    Host: I see. Okay, a question for Kawaguchi-san! "Working with Yamamoto-san, are there times when you think that this guy is good around girls?"
    Haruna: Umm... How should I put it, he goes really close... like, "Hey!".

    Haruna: When he goes close like that, I think it would make the girls' heart beat faster.
    Host: Okay, next question. "Kawaguchi-san, which character in the host club, is your type?".
    (Yusuke gets his head closer to Haruna, so cute!)

    Haruna: It's none other than Tamaki.
    (Yusuke looks very happy and keep bumping his arm to Haruna's, also keep getting his head close to Haruna's, lol!)
    Yusuke: Yossh!!

    Host: So, it's bucho!
    Haruna: Really... *laughs* I like the type who can make me laugh, cheerful and lively. So, it's definitely him.
    Yusuke: Thank you.
    Host: Here's a question for you both. "I like gestures of ikemen like Yamamoto-san when they brush up their hair. What kind of gestures of the opposite gender, do you like?"
    Haruna: I don't have any favorite gestures. But I like certain smells and I like arms.
    Yusuke: You like arms alot, huh.
    Host: Arms?
    Haruna: Yes. This part of arm. I like the iron pipe-like ones.
    Host: Arms like iron-pipe??
    Haruna: The tight, thick-skinned ones.
    Yusuke: Mine is quite tight, and she said she like this.
    (Yusuke pulled up his sleeve and revealed his arm, then Haruna is rubbing his arm)

    Host: You like that?
    (Haruna nod)
    Yusuke: Sometimes I have to hang my arm over to her. She'd say, "Tamaki-sempai! Please lend me your arm!".
    (the host laughs)
    Yusuke: Apparently, it makes her calm.
    Haruna: He has a tight arm...
    Yusuke: Then I'd go, "Ohh! Haruhi! Haruhi!" *stretching his arm* "If this makes you calm, then here you go!".

    Host: So you like arms? That's interesting. Yamamoto-san, how about the gestures you like?
    Yusuke: This is also may not be a gesture... but I like it when women wash off their make-up, with a hairband... there are moments like this in commercials right?
    Host: Yes, yes.
    Yusuke: I really like when women do that. I like to see that "lackness", y'know?
    Host: Ahh... lackness! So you like that?
    Yusuke: Yes.
    Host: I see. Okay, next, "Which one of you do alot more NGs?".
    (Yusuke-Haruna pointing at each other! Awww! They're too cute!)

    Host: *laughs* Oh, they're pointing at each other!
    Haruna: No, but I think NG itself rarely happens in our case.
    Host: I see...
    Haruna: They asked us to do the acting, this time like this, one more time. But we rarely do any mistakes.
    Host: So it's going smoothly?
    Yusuke: There's really no right answer in this "Ouran Highschool Host Club". With that high-tension acting performance, we really can't figure which one's the right one. The director also often ask us to do it once again when he thinks, that maybe it can be more interesting than that. So we get to do it over and over.
    Host: So it's not NG, but they're just trying to find the most interesting act, by taking it over and over?
    Yusuke: Thanks to that, our filming schedule now, is going smoothly and tight!
    (the host laughs)
    Yusuke: We have a very tight schedule now.
    Host: For directors who watch this, apparently he thinks the schedule is tight! Okay, we have many other letters here. Thank you very much for those who sent them. And now, we have an information here.
    Female host: Yamamoto Yusuke-san announced in the press conference before that a fan club of "Ouran Highschool Host Club" has been established!
    Host: Is that so?
    Yusuke: Yes, it has been established.
    Host: What's the advantages?
    Yusuke: We can't say anything yet, now.
    Host: So, it's a secret?
    Female host: When the fanclub members number hit 10,000, there will be presents for the members.
    Host: Special present?
    Yusuke: Yes, a very shocking present.
    Host: THAT shocking?
    Yusuke: Yes!
    Host: That's nice.
    Female host: Please check the TBS official site for further details.

    (they're also announcing that they're recruiting extras for the drama via JCOM; another announcement on Ep2 download time on JCOM On-Demand; Ep2 preview)

    Host: Wow, it ended in the critical moment! "Actually..."? So it was a physical examination?
    Haruna: Yes.
    Host: That's bad.
    Haruna: It's bad.
    Yusuke: It's bad.
    Haruna: She's in a pinch.

    (the host announced the on-demand download time again)

    Host: Okay, please give your message to the audience. Yamamoto-san, please.
    Yusuke: The cast of "Ouran Highschool Host Club" is getting along well and the staff is doing their best! I think you'll see that on the screen, so please watch "Ouran Highschool Host Club"!
    Haruna: There are both comedy and touching moments, and it's also a heart-warming drama. The highlights would be the CG effects and the funny cosplay, so please watch!
    Host: Kawaguchi Haruna-san and Yamamoto Yusuke-san, thank you so much for coming! Please work hard on the filming!
    (Haruna-Yusuke bow)
    Host: Thank you!!


    For those who live in Japan, seem like a website called JCOM-On-Demand provides episodes of Ouran live-action, one week ahead of the TBS! Which means, you can watch Episode 4 before next Friday comes! Seem like you have to pay though. But pls don't ask me the address, I have no idea XD
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    Re: Behind-The-Scenes

    Post by Nipples Admin on Sun Aug 07, 2011 9:57 am

    AWWW they're so cute, I especially loved the part when Haruna answered that Tamaki was her type and Yusuke kept putting his head close to hers. And the arm-rubbing scene! And when they both pointed at each other for the other person doing the most NG scenes. <333

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    Re: Behind-The-Scenes

    Post by Isidarnipples on Sun Aug 07, 2011 10:24 am

    yanie, may I use them and sub the videos?? Though, it might take me a little while because I have ACTUAL WORK that needs to get done this week.


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    Re: Behind-The-Scenes

    Post by trixi on Sun Aug 07, 2011 10:33 am

    Aah shoot, I can't see the video. It says my computer is located outside of Japan.
    But thanks alot yanie for the translation!! They are super cute together ^^

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    Re: Behind-The-Scenes

    Post by nippleless_nobeardsa on Sun Aug 07, 2011 10:34 am

    Thanks for the translation!
    These two have great chemistry XD
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    Re: Behind-The-Scenes

    Post by Otaku-Nipples on Sun Aug 07, 2011 10:56 am

    I wonder if there is a way round the whole video problem of not being in Japan, it sucks that we can't watch the videos on TBS~!

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    Re: Behind-The-Scenes

    Post by yanie on Sun Aug 07, 2011 11:12 am

    Isidarnipples wrote:!!!
    yanie, may I use them and sub the videos?? Though, it might take me a little while because I have ACTUAL WORK that needs to get done this week.
    Sure, go ahead Smile Anyone who wants to make subs out of my translations and/or my future translations, I'm giving you my permissions now^^ As long as it is properly credited.

    I don't live in Japan too, and I do get that 'outside Japan' note, but when I open it with Internet Explorer, even with that note attached, the video is playing anyway, after I wait for about 30-60 seconds. (is it just my luck? O_o) I've been twisting my brain trying to find out how I can capture that clip, but to no avail. Have tried all these kind of streaming clip ripper software, but it didn't work. If anyone know ripper software that works well, pls let me know! I'll give it a try.
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    Re: Behind-The-Scenes

    Post by Otaku-Nipples on Sun Aug 07, 2011 12:07 pm

    Haruna: I don't know how they see me. But I'm happy if someone of the same gender likes me.

    Haruna, is too cute~! She'll be happy to know most of us have lady-crushes on her already!
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    Re: Behind-The-Scenes

    Post by nipplespvmk on Sun Aug 07, 2011 3:04 pm

    Ahaha that interview was so sweet! I love Yusuke's and Haurna's interactions, they are so cute together.
    Thank you for the translation and the pictures. Those pictures look very exploitable >Very Happy

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    Re: Behind-The-Scenes

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