Yasashii/Akaru or might be Yancha-kei?!!!


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    Yasashii/Akaru or might be Yancha-kei?!!!

    Post by Himecchi on Mon Dec 17, 2012 6:44 pm

    So I've been lost for years. I literally meant years. T_T

    If I have to say what type am I, I'll say "Namaikikei" aka "self-centered type". Cool

    And in every manga/otome game/anime, I fall for either Yasashii or Akaru guys.
    i need them due to my Namaiki.
    The most important thing is "only look at one girl" trait. :<3:

    And it sends me confused in what am I really looking for?
    I can't pick one over another!! No

    But after I watched Ouran the movie, and paid a great amount of attention to Tamaki,
    I finally know.
    It is okay not to pick one.
    And it is okay to wish for all of them.

    A yasashii and akaru guy. And above all, a guy who will "only look at me"
    because they exist.
    Tamaki IS exist.

    Kyaaaaaa!!! I'm going to die!!!!!!! affraid

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