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    Re: Twins appreciation

    Post by lusza on Sun Jul 14, 2013 1:45 pm

    Hello Everybody! Today is Sunday and my yesterday cold became worse.
    I hate summer colds, and I know this is because in one shop the air conditioner went. I just want to overcome it fast.

    I know I promised I will write about my teey-tiny country, but yesterday I didn't had the time.
    We did some renovation (paintin the walls in the hallway and in the kitchen) and I was the one who got the kitchen to clean it up.

    Hitachiiin here's your spoiler:

    Let's see. People are stupid, so I don't wanna talk about them.
    The country exists about 1013 years. Originally it started as a kingdom and later turned into a republic.

    Each 20th August we celebrate the foundation of Hungary with fireworks and at the day time (just in the capital) with horse races. And of course in some cultural places with a show like what was our ancestors like.

    (There are saying that originally Hungarians came from Asia, above China and the Chinese wall was made to prevent from the attacks of the Huns... Cunning Onion sooo these are the saying about our lovely ancestors. But we don't know the truth.)

    We usually celebrate every christian events (althought not so many people believe in God) and also the 1st of May and some commemorations like the holokaust.
    Our own celebrations are the followings: 15th March the 1848-49 Independence and Revolution agains the Austrians, than the 4th of June is Trianon but we don'T celebrate it, usually people don't know what it is. 20th August foundation of Hungary, 6th October the Martyrs of Arad and the 23rd October the revolution of 1956.

    Our folklore is very-very rich and as I know (or rather was taught in school) we have the most folksongs in the world.

    The country has a very good chance to became an agricultural country, it's just a matter of thime, when do people realize it....

    We have beautiful nature, with lots of water (mainly rivers) and quite forests. (I used to go in a wandering camp when I was in primary school.)

    We have a hugh variety of cultural stuff, because we are a very mixed nation. Like where I live in the south, it was on the hand of the Turks for 150 years, and the whole city has a mediterreane feeling. And a lot of nationality live here like Serbians, Croatians, Svabians of course Hungarians and Gipsys.
    But somehow the cultural stuff becomes less important and a lot of it is waiting to be forgotten.Onion Breeze 

    About the popcorn, we do grow lots of corns. And did you know that the Hungarian strawberry has an own flavor, that non of other strawberries have? Or at least that'swhat I think.
    So it was a lot to write~.

    By the way Hitachiin, do you usually drink afternoon tea or it was just because ot the special occasion? My British teacher (I attended a bilingual grammar school) sad that when he was young he did drink afternoon tea at his grandmother's house. But that was all. I always thought it is a bit posh.
    I learned about the flag-burning thing. I learned a lot about Great Britain for about 3,5 years and a half year about America.. no, I'm not correct, about teh USA (just because the teacher hates them).
    Gemini Rose, you are British too? What a surprise! :DOnce I was in London and I was fascinated by those parks ♪. Where do you live you also have such well-kept parks... actually more like gardens.
    I always thought most of you are far away from Europe.

    How is your brother, Gemini-chan? I read about this disease and I found it is most commonly caused by diabetes. I don't know if he has diabetes or not, but it might worth to try to controll his blood-sugar level with some diet. And eat a bit more carrot, because the carotin in it helps to protect the eyes.

    Rena   Cunning Onion    I have already read them. And I think if you have some time on your hand, you should write more.Gleaming Onion Eyes 
    I remember when I used to write different fanctions  how lovely they turned out. Now I remember I should definetly finish on of my almost books... (I like to write as one of my hobbies.)

    Mrs. Takagi thank you for the video, today I definetly watch it, for the sake of recovering my cold with seeing those two. Onion Daydreaming And who cares with the subtitles in cases like this?

    Hitachiin, I wanted to ask, what kind of operation will you have?

    Setolove how was Shin-chan in that 8 minutes you've watched? I'm looking forward to those pictures you took. Heart

    Edit: I don't know if you see this picture, but I couldn't stop myself to show you these 2 pictures of Man-chan he is adorable ♪ and with that kid, lovely! ♥️ Enjoy them!♪

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    Re: Twins appreciation

    Post by hitachiin-fangirl on Sun Jul 14, 2013 4:21 pm

    Lusza, thank you for writing all that stuff about Hungary - it's always nice to learn about other cultures. You're country is a lot older than mine. Northern Ireland has only sine 1921 so we're not even 100 yet! All of Ireland was once part of the UK but they wanted independence and we didn't so the country was split and thus we were born.

    I would love to try a Hungarian strawberry to see if it's different but I've only seen local ones and Spanish ones in the shops. It is a family tradition that anyone born into are family will have a love for strawberries. We even have strawberry plants on our family shield (which we didn't make - it's official).

    The afternoon tea was a special treat. In fact I rarely even drink tea or coffee. I felt really posh having the afternoon tea.

    My operation is not something I like to go into detail about. (Did that sound rude? or am I being paranoid?) I guess 'reconstructive surgery' is the best way to some it up. Thank you for your concern though. It's nice to know everyone here cares!

    Oh! The onion emoticons are working again for me. I've been deprived for too long. Onion Skipping

    I wish I could be a young Japanese kid for a day. I would wear a Gekirangers t-shirt and carry around a Gekiblue action figure, go find Manpei and he'd probably take pictures with me and let me sit in this lap....Onion Love 

    What!? I can dream, can't I?

    I hope you recover from your cold soon, Lusza.

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    Re: Twins appreciation

    Post by lusza on Sun Jul 14, 2013 5:13 pm

    Don't worry about not telling the details! It's okay, the matter that it's not something we need to worry about! Smile

    With pleasure, I was really in trouble what to write.
    I know about the Spanish one, that's ... I tastes like plastic...
    This year Hungary's weather was too rainy and half of the strawberries died (poor things), so we needed to import. And I tasted that Spanish one... Onion Cursed/Down That was something I never again want to do.

    My family loves all kind of fruits.

    Wait, you have a garden? Very Happy:woobyeyes:  I always wanted to have one...Onion Starry Eyes 

    Well if I could be a Japanese a for a day... Than I would be Manpei to be in the near of Shinpei. Onion Blush And I would definetly take a day-off as Man-chan to spend the whole day with Shin-chan. Onion Skipping 

    This would be a good dream~. Very Happy

    About my cold, i think it would be better for me to go to sleep, but I'm still waiting for the video to load. (the video when they show their house)
    But thank you Hita-chan(just sometimes can I call you this way?), I'll try my best to recover soon.

    (Now I can feel what Man-chan used to feel whenever he fall ill. Talking about his illnessess, he didn't caught a cold in a long time, right?)
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    Re: Twins appreciation

    Post by Gemini Rose on Sun Jul 14, 2013 6:04 pm

    Hey, all. Once again I want to thank you all for your support, it really meant a lot.

    I tried to watch the show, but it kept asking me to sign in. Then I figured it was probably for paid memebers as it was premium content. I was kinda right and half wrong. x sad face x

    Summer colds are evil. I had one last week sniffles and sore throat. I think mine was from keeping my fan pointed at my face, on high all night.

    There are these misconceptions about UK people, (especially English) that I hate. Not saying this is what you guys think, but this is common opinions from other countries about us.

    1. We all speak posh. (I am a cockney, a true one. I don't sound posh at all. Lol!)

    2. We all have bad teeth. Um . . . no. We may not put fake veneers all over our original teeth or whiten till they glow, but it doesn't mean we have bad teeth.

    3. We all love tea. I personally HATE TEA! I can't stand it.

    Correct me if I am wrong on this, but I always thought Northern Irleand was not part of Britain. Which is why we say Great Britain and Northern Irleand, but you are part of the United Kingdom.

    Britain = England, Scotland and Wales.
    U.K = England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Irleand.
    Republic of Irleand is seperate.

    I forget if that is correct.

    I know some get confused and think we are one country, but they are all different countries. As for where I live, I live in the exspensive area of London.

    As for my brother, his was due to being premeture.
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    Re: Twins appreciation

    Post by Gemini Rose on Sun Jul 14, 2013 9:28 pm

    This is a fangirl question.
    If you had the chance to ask them 2 questions, what would they be?

    I must photoshop that Manpei image. I don't know what, but it's been a while since I edited. I want and know what wallpaper type image I would do for the Yakuza vs Ninja, but guess I'll have to buy it, for high quality images. (This is the down side of being an image editor, lower quality takes time). I saw it for £12, wish I got it now.

    Miss Lusza, which version of photoshop do you have? I am guessing you maybe using a clone tool, for fixing those images. I have a feeling you may be using a higher version than me. Sorry, if I seem rude, but I think you are the first fellow photoshop imager I have seen on here, so it's nice.
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    Re: Twins appreciation

    Post by Ryu Rena on Mon Jul 15, 2013 12:30 am

    I did those fanctions when I was supposed to be studying for my exams Rolling Eyes Guess ideas just comes to me better when I'm under pressure or when I have so much to do. Instead of napping, I write..really, ideas poured into me even when I'm trying to sleep!! If I have time (and ideas to spare), I'll write more Takagi-related fanctions and fill them with sugary sweet, teeth-rotting goodness that makes you melt in a puddle of unrecognizable goo. rabbit

    And given the fact that I just completely lost myself in this thread..I'm just going to breeze through like the little willflower I am~ Onion Skipping My mum took the computer off my hands for her assignments the whole hence why I missed a lot of conversation.. T^T

    Oh yeah, I also managed to edit that picture of Manpei. But my stupid maxis broadband's reached its quota limit and now even a snail is faster than my connection! It's driving me crazy!! I paid for hundreds and the fast connection only lasted a week!! A WEEK!! They promised a whole month!! Onion To Kill 
    The picture is now in my files, still not being able to be uploaded thanks to a slow glitch in the thread's system.. I couldn't get the host a picture button to work, so I'll have to wait a little more..

    On a completely unrelated topic, have you guys watched place to place? Very Happy It's a very cute show where a tsundere girl wants to show the guy she likes that she likes him..only that this guy is so SLOW! And their teasing friends aren't making things any easier either. Not only is it cute, it's freaking HILLARIOUS!! Onion XD I watched five episodes back-to-back yesterday and my dad finally concluded me as crazy since I was laughing so much. It's also cat-themed, the girl sometimes sprout cat ears when she's happy (the creator's way to show how she feels, she doesn't actually sprout cat ears though XD)

    I'll come back later when I can finally fully load this thing without the stupid 'Internet Explorer could not open the page'... Onion Stress Load 
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    Re: Twins appreciation

    Post by hitachiin-fangirl on Mon Jul 15, 2013 5:26 am

    Lusza, I don't remember mentioning a garden. I talked about our family shield which has pictures of strawberry plants on it. We don't really have a garden - it's more of a yard. Just concrete but we do have flower pots with plants to brighten it up a bit. There's a place near my dad's house that has huge, beautiful gardens and we go to it all the time (so often that he calls it our back garden).

    I like your idea better - that way I could spend the whole day with each of them rather than just a few minutes. What do you think Manpei would do if I (as Shinpei for the day) climbed into his lap? I still want to sit in it. And then the next day I'd go (as Manpei) to the park with Shinpei and mess around like kids.

    Sure. Call me whatever you want. Depending on who's talking to me and what thread we're on, I am hitachiin-fangirl, Hitachiin, Starfire, Honeycomb, and now Hita-chan. I really don't mind, as long as I know you're talking to me.

    You're right! Manpei hasn't had a cold in a while (as far as I know) but he did have stomach pains and a headache a few weeks ago.

    Gemini Rose, I just thought I'd comment on those

    1. I don't talk posh (polite, yes but only when talking to teachers, potential employers, etc)

    2. My dentist says I have "phenomenal teeth" - not one filling yet!

    3. I quite like tea but I only drink a few cups a month. Same with coffee. (Coca-Cola is my usual choice of drink. In fact, I drank nothing but the stuff for 3 years solid. Nothing else. Not even water)

    Britain = England, Scotland and Wales.
    U.K = England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
    Republic of Ireland is separate.

    That is correct. Technically, I am not British but I identify myself as British, not Irish. Unfortunately, UKish is not a word which is why I say British. Alternatively, I identify myself as Northern Irish.
    It's all very confusing, isn't it? Does the British Isles includes the Republic of Ireland?

    I would ask them what their favourite memories of each other are?; and have they ever slept in the same bed or shared a bath?

    I know how you feel, Rena. My internet goes down all the time (even when my mum's not pulling cables out).
    That show pretty good. I might check it out when I get a chance.
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    Re: Twins appreciation

    Post by lusza on Mon Jul 15, 2013 6:22 am

    Gemini, I didn't heard abou the teeth misconception, it sounds ridiculous.
    You speak cockney? Woaah, once Mr. Paines (my British teacher) showed us the different dialects in the UK and of course the class' favorite was the cockney. I personally liked the scottish too.

    And you are right about the country stuff, we learned just the way you wrote it down. And we always said the United Kingdom. But sometimes I referren it as Great Britain, and the teacher said, it's all right that way too. But these conversaiton wth the techers happened 4 years ago.

    About the photoshop, tho' I have a portable cs3 on my computer somewhere, I use the cs2.  Surprising, so I think it's you who might yue a newer version. One of my friends use the newest version, and talked about that a lot, but I just love my cs2 and I don't want to part with it. Smile

    Rena-chan, I'm sooo much looking forward to a fanfiction like that. Actually I have som ideas too... but not enough to make up a short story.
    That story sounds a bit similar to Lovely Complex, taht was so much fun, although the anime was better than the drama made from it.

    Hita-chan, I think I mixed the world in my mind, but that's understandable, because how I feel now... I'm sorry, my mistake.
    By the way I'm always a little bit worried about Man-chan, he seems to be weaker than Shin-chan. But that's just my thought.

    Hita-chan, if you would sit on Man's lap as Shin, he would be like this:
    - Oi, Shinpei, what are you doing?!
    - Don't worry bro, I'm just practicing. It might be useful, if Ouran gets another movie.

    I can see his face in my mind. Onion Whistle 

    What would I ask... maybe: since the Ouran drama and movie, did their relationship became more intimate (like more hugs, still practicing, etc.)? and what would they do if the other one would get married? (I mean do they suddenly split up, etc.)

    P.S: Shin-chan updated his blog with a picture of course.
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    Re: Twins appreciation

    Post by Mrs.Takagi on Mon Jul 15, 2013 10:47 am

    I dont think this thread has been this active since the Ouran drama first debuted 2 years ago:isthatso: 

    But I'm glad that we've got more fangirls and the thread is more active now, this really is a good place to relax and let loose ^_^

    I've been thinking about which two questions I'd like to ask the twins and . . . .IT'S SO HARD!!!Onion Icy Breeze 

    The one thing I want to ask them is so inappropriate and none of my beeswax!Onion Laugh 

    I'm hesitant about because 1) I think I already know the answer and 2) If I think about it too long I'll start to think about where and when and how and who and I just DO NOT need that on my mind:tantrum: 

    So yeah, I don't think "Are you a virgin" is very polite to be asking the Twinpei's. . . .

    Putting that aside, I think if they were asking questions live on-air (like a radio or talk show) I'd ask them if they could say something to the audience in English. Like a full 2-4 sentences Onion Drinks Tea 

    And theeeen I'd ask if they could travel to an English speaking country, where would they go and why.

    They've been to Hawaii before and last year they went to Singapore (apparently they got to practice their English there as well). So I wonder if they ever thought about returning to a different part of America like New York or California.

    Seattle has a lot of Japanese residents. . . .so does Chicago (where I'm from).

    If I were every walking around my city and suddenly saw the twins walking by I would have a total panic attack:sweatgasp:  I'd probably just follow them around like the loser I am:cursed: I'd be too scared to talk to them because I might be blinded by their beauty. . .but you know what? After hyperventilating into a brown paper bag for a few minutes, I think I'd muster up enough sanity to go up and talk to them by speaking simple Japanese and using basic English phrases that I'm sure they understand.

    Then I'd ask them to sign something for me (I don't care if it's my arm or a napkin). Maybe I could try to squeeze in a hug. . .I know Shinpei definitely likes hugging people. . . .but they're so damn skinny the experience might scare me:hdsweat: And then I'd tell them to have a safe trip back to Tokyo, then we'd part ways and I'd proceed to dance in the streets with people shouting and honking their car horns at me.Onion Love Eyes 

    (Totally went off topic. . . .)

    Rena-chan, that show you mentioned "Place-to-Place". . . .I think I might check it out after I finish the 'K' anime. Ugh, so much stuff to watch!!!

    Gemini, Hita-chan, Lu-chan, thanks for informing the rest of us on your places of origin, I like how all us Takagi fangirls are spread out across the globe:D 
    So the 3 of you are from Europe, Seto-chan, bookworm and I are in America and Rena-chan is in Malaysia.

    The Twinpei's would be proud to know that they have such a diverse fanbase. tongue

    Ah, and in case you're interested here's the photo from Shinpei's blog. . . .so cute:o 

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    Re: Twins appreciation

    Post by lusza on Mon Jul 15, 2013 1:52 pm

    I have to thing up a new password, I always mix up the order...

    Mrs.Takagi wrote:I dont think this thread has been this active since the Ouran drama first debuted 2 years ago Cunnin Onion Idea

    Mrs. takagi I'm so glad, to read this, it's like a positive feedback for me to join here. :3 Nodding 

    I think there is no chace that they visit Hungary and my little town on the South. But if I ever meet them, I think I would hesitate to go there or not, but if I do go, than I can normally speak to them... but I couldn't hide my sparkling eyes.

    I also checked this Place to place anime and I found cute, so I think I will watch it till the end.

    To be honest this post was made because a reason. I decided that I learn some Japanese today, but I remembered that yesterday I didn't review the kanjis, so I have more to review... and that's why I wrote down my fanfiction idea I was talking about. And a summer storm came and I was writing, than translating... I don't know if I could give back that stressed feeling the original Hungarian text has, but please give me some feedback about this. (and I know that I didn't sycronized the tenses I wrote in, but that's okay for the first time.

    Enjoy! :3 Nodding 


    In the shaded room silence dwells. The sultriness is unbearable, still the air conditioner isn’t buzzing. In the deep black big screened Tv two figures stand out.
    Although the half meter between the sofa and the armchair separate them, it seems like a reflection in the mirror. Their clasped hands rest on their knees and both of them lowers their head.
    Even the breathing isn’t heard and dead silence surrounds them. Finally the older one raises his head.
    - Shinpei… - he started in dim voice. The one called looks up, in his eyes the desperation can be seen, but those full lips just don’t open for a word.
    Again the silence set in.
    - I know, you just… - he tried to continue, but the bickering brave in his brother’s eye made him frightened. He need to think about what to say, as it’s always him who is calm, conscious and pulls himself together whenever it’s needed. But now he laid his head into his palms, and his bangs find a way through his thin fingers.
    A deep breath in is heard, and he couldn’t pretend to be calm anymore. His heart beats so strong, that his body willingly or unwillingly moves forward and backward for every heartbeat.
    - Manpei, you need to accept it! – Shinpei blurted it out with wilfulness in his voice.
    Manpei raises his head than stands up from that armchair. He went to the kitchen to drink a glass of water, but as the conclusion of the big vehemence he lifted the glass up to his mouth, a drop of water brim over and is running down his jaw than force its way down on his neck. However the touch of a cold hand wipes it off.
    Shinpei doesn’t leave an escaping route; he stands so close in front of his brother and the pretentious look in his eyes got stronger. Manpei straighten himself to be taller with some centimetres than his sibling, but on of his knees buckled and his height became the same as his brother’s.
    While they made a long eye contact he doesn’t realise that Shinpei with both of his arm leaned on the kitchen counter doesn't leave a chance for Manpei to escape. He needed to give an answer.
    - If you give me some time…
    -These’s no time; now or forget about me – after these effective sentences Manpei’s glance softened and he surrender.
    - What do you want me to do? – as he said these words his heartbeat accelerated, and he rather looked in an other direction, because he knew if he look into Shinpei’s eyes he can’t hold himself back.
    - Just the usual… - these words made their eyes meet and perspiration sprang from Manpei’s brow.
    - How much? - asked hesitatingly.
    - A lot – smiled Shinpei innocently. Manpei started to take his breath more fiercely, he knew it is not right, and he shouldn’t get into this, but we are talking about his little brother, the one who would make anything for Manpei, and he need to repay it.
    - Okay, get to it; come to my room.
    Shinpei triumphantly followed his brother and as they get into the room, he threw himself to the bed. Manpei takes something out of his drawer and takes a deep breath, while a beam of light illuminated the room and a powerful thunder is heard. Man-chan sits close to Shinpei, looks deep is his eyes and uttered some barely understandable words from his lips.
    - This is the last, for real.
    - Of course, after all we are siblings…
    With this Manpei give Shinpei enough money to pay for his phone bill, for which he already spent all of his money. Suddenly he felt two arms around him; his little brother is hugging him gratefully and heard him saying the following:
    - You are the best sibling in world, I couldn’t wish better than You.
    Manpei nodded and thought “that’s right, there’s nobody who would make anything for You”.
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    Re: Twins appreciation

    Post by hitachiin-fangirl on Mon Jul 15, 2013 3:53 pm

    Lu-chan, that fanfiction! You've killed me! Dead Onion 

    At first, I was like "What's going on?" and then "Hold on! Are they gonna do what I think they're gonna do!?" and then "Oh, it was just money - I'm am such a dirty-minded pervert."

    That was brilliant! I've written a couple of short stories on our lovely twins too. Everyone else has already read them so I've put them in spoilers to save space. The first one was inspired by a picture Manpei posted of his bare leg stretched in the air.

    Shinpei had just arrived home from work. He'd been rehearsing for that play all morning and was glad to have the rest of the day off. He'd stopped off to buy a mango frappuccino on the way home and even bought one for Manpei too. He was just such a kind little brother, always thinking of him, even after yesterday when he came home to find that one of his yogurts was missing.

    He'd finished his own frappuccino on the way home and had been eyeing up Manpei's ever since. He paused in front of the door to their apartment and looked longingly at the drink in his hand. A small whimper passed his pouting lips. He wanted to drink it. Manpei wouldn't mind. He didn't know he was supposed to be getting a mango frappuccino, so he couldn't possibly get mad at Shinpei for drinking it.

    "No!" Shinpei thought. Manpei had been had been so kind to do all the chores around the house for the past few days, while he was out rehearsing from early morning until late at night. His Onii-chan deserved this frappuccino, he decided firmly.

    He opened the door and called out, "Tadaima!" but no-one answered. He had a quick look around and then headed to Manpei's room to see if maybe he was in there. When he arrived in Manpei's doorway, he saw something that almost made him drop the frappuccino. Manpei was lying sprawled out on his bed, naked as the day they were born, with one leg stretched gracefully in the air as he photographed it on his iPhone.

    Judging from the soggy towel lying in a heap next to the bed, he'd just had a shower and hadn't gotten dressed yet.
    "Are you only up? It's already two o'clock!" Shinpei exclaimed in surprise.
    Manpei peered over the top of his phone at his younger brother.
    "I thought I'd enjoy my day off and have a lie-in," he said coolly as he set down his phone and sat up.
    "Yeah well, at least put some clothes on," Shinpei said, gulping. He wasn't sure how long he could stay in the company of a fully-naked Manpei.

    "It's nothing you haven't seen before," Manpei replied casually."What's that you got there?" he added, pointing at the cup in Shinpei's hand.
    Shinpei looked down and suddenly remembered the drink.
    "I bought you a frappuccino to say thank you for everything," he said affectionately, but then decided to have some fun with this. "But you're not getting it until you're dressed, and who knows, maybe I'll have drank it by then."

    "That's not fair," Manpei argued, but Shinpei just laughed and ran out of the room with the frappuccino. The older twin climbed off his bed and pulled on a pair of boxers. While it was true that they were comfortable enough to be naked in the same room, after all they had shared a room as children, he still didn't want to run around his apartment naked.

    He caught up to Shinpei in the kitchen and managed to pin his giggling little brother against the counter. Shinpei tried to struggle but it was no use. Manpei pried the cup from his hand with ease and victoriously took a big slurp of the cold drink.

    Soon, only half of the delicious beverage remained and, realising he couldn't take it anymore, Shinpei pulled the straw out of Manpei's mouth and took a big slurp of the frappucino. Manpei was shocked. The cup was still in his hands, and Shinpei was mere inches away from his face, slurping on the straw. He blushed deeply. Although he loved his brother very much, he wasn't the sort to be all close and intimate.

    Shinpei released the straw and flashed a big smile at his older twin.
    "I couldn't help it," he said. "I just love those things!"
    At that, Manpei conceded and the two shared the rest of the mango frappuccino, taking it in turns to use the straw.

    The second one was inspired by a wonderful photo edit by our dear friend, Rena-chan.


    Manpei was standing on a cliff overlooking the sea, gazing out at the stars, imagining Shinpei and feeling bad about a fight they'd had earlier. He'd never meant to hurt Shinpei, in fact he was secretly in love with him. What had started as just a petty argument about laundry had somehow spiralled out of control. A lot of harsh words were exchanged and he was sure his little brother was feeling the effect of them.

    Manpei sighed deeply. He wasn't sure what he could do to make it up to him. At that moment, he heard hurried footsteps behind him and turned to see the object of his affection running towards him.
    "Shinpei, what are you doing out here? You'll catch a cold dressed like that!"
    He had been in such a hurry to go out and find Manpei and apologise to him that he hadn't bothered to put on a jacket.

    Manpei shrugged his own jacket off and wrapped it around Shinpei's shivering shoulders.
    "I'm sorry Shin-chan, about earlier."
    "You don't have to apologise. No matter how many fights we have, we're always meant to be together, ne?"

    Manpei pulled his twin closer until their lips met and they kissed passionately as the waves crashed dramatically against the rocks far below them.

    Takagi-san, I would love to ask that question but (aside from it being inappropriate), I'm worried I won't like the answer. I would their answers to be either "Yes, we're virgins" or "No, we have sex together almost every night and we've never done it with anyone else."

    Someone should tell the twins they're loved all over the world.

    That is so awesome that we're so active again (not that I was actually here in the heyday). I was just thinking, where has aiko-chan got off to? - she hasn't been on in ages. Maybe she's very busy.
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    Re: Twins appreciation

    Post by Mrs.Takagi on Mon Jul 15, 2013 4:48 pm

    Oh ladies, you're absolutely killing me with your twincest stories Onion XD Onion Love Eyes Onion Nosebleed 

    I'm totally supposed to be out running errands right now but I'm just sitting here reading the fanfiction letting my ovaries get all hot n dizzy Onion Laugh I know Manpei and Shinpei would probably be weirded out if they knew that their fans were writing naughty stories about their relationship but to be fair, they DID start it Gleaming Onion Eyes 

    hitachiin-fangirl wrote:

    Takagi-san, I would love to ask that question but (aside from it being inappropriate), I'm worried I won't like the answer. I would their answers to be either "Yes, we're virgins" or "No, we have sex together almost every night and we've never done it with anyone else."

    Hita-chan, you're hilarious Cunning Onion 

    But I agree that if they (by some unrealistic set of circumstances) actually did answer that question, I know it's going to freak me out no matter what Onion T_T 

    I know we talked about it before on this forum. . . .and I think the conversation was led by the thread two honorary perverts i.e., Ryu Rena and myself LOL

    I think we talked about how if you take into account their age, then it should be no surprise that they've already had "experience". But we also pointed out that if you consider that the Twinpei's have been living together their entire lives (unless you count that half a year they lived apart) that might not free up a lot of time for "intimate activity". I mean. . . .I guess it's not impossible, but still. . . .

    I remember on Babyface's blog someone asked if the twins were gay. . . .I highly doubt it, but it could be anyones guess. Personally, I can't image the twins being gay for anyone other than each other Razz 

    Hey, the twins are turning 28 in a couple of months *shutters* how long do you all think the Twinpei's will keep living with each other? Not that I'm complaining at ALL. My dad was married with two kids by the time he was 28, but then again we're dealing with identical twins. I hope they stay together in their pseudo, semi-incestuous relationship as long as they want.

    I really can't see them getting married and having kids (they still act like kids themselves Rolling Eyes ) I just want them to keep acting and be happy no matter what they do. Wooby Onion Eyes

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    Re: Twins appreciation

    Post by lusza on Mon Jul 15, 2013 5:12 pm

    You've killed me!
    At first, I was like "What's going on?" and then "Hold on! Are they gonna do what I think they're gonna do!?" and then "Oh, it was just money - I'm am such a dirty-minded pervert."

    I have to admit that was my purpose. Cunning Onion I wanted to create something like this...

    I'm soo happy both of you liked it! I'm looking forward what the other ladies will think about them, ne? Very Happy(any guess before they read it?)

    Hita-chan, thaaat frappuchino one, I absolutely like, and the other one, don't you want to expand it a little bit(like what's Shin-chan's reaction, some confessions ~ sorry it's absolutely my wild fantasy)? :)But how it was, it's absolutely adorable, secretly in love with his twinbrother... and at the end kisses him Onion Daydreaming ♪♪♪♪♪

    Takagi-chan, I have some bad new, you might not considered and some good too!!! Smile

    You know there are tons of love hotels in Japan which are made for that reason... But the question is more like, do they have time for having a girlfriend? ... I honestly hope the answer is no.. SmileWooby Onion Eyes 

    And about marriage... I have a Japanese penfriend who happend to talk to me about marriage in Japan for some reasons... Onion Whistle 
    To the point: Japanese men get married at the age 35 (it's the average) but mostly above 30. So we still have time.
    (But I still can't believe they are 8 years older than me, they look much younger, as always.)
    ~Daydreaming~ If some of us happened to go there and get together with the twins... Onion Skipping 

    Back to reality... What do you think, after they get married, will they still live together in a biiiig house, you know 2 households live together... Gleaming Onion Eyes 
    my fantasy started to gooo wild...

    and because of that what I forgot to mention:
    I showed the original Hungarian one to one of my junior (not exactly a junior but a younger friend of mine) who is a Japan-fan, but doesn't know about the Takagi twins yet. (I told her about them, but she hadn't got the time to watch the drama or the movie.)
    So her reaction was: "I almost cried on it." Which was soo sweet, heartwarming, and gave a reflection to me, that I am perverted (because of my original aim) and you too. Onion Laugh Onion Blush
    (just wanted to mention it :3 Nodding )
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    Re: Twins appreciation

    Post by Babyface21 on Mon Jul 15, 2013 7:47 pm

    Wow, this thread has really gotten hot! I'm gone for just a couple of days and I've already missed like 12 posts! O.o Apparently I've missed A LOT. Later on tonight I'll have to go bad and read everyone messages but for right now I just wanted to post a couple of quickies.

    This first video is nearly 40 minutes worth of behind-the-scenes footage from the 'Magdala na Maria 2' musical'. I'm pretty sure it's a blend of all the performances put together, not just one particular show. It has scattered appreances by the Twinpei's of course. The only actor that changes with every performance is the character of "Angela" (the one with the wings and the pink pigtails). Kimeru plays Angela at one point as well as this one female idol with an annoying high pitched voice X-/ Like. . . .I've noticed that women in Japanese media talk with an annoying, baby-talk voice but this lady seriously had me cringing at the sound of her voice. . . .Anyway, the twins have a cute/silly moment around the 17:40 mark lol

    This second one is an interview with Shinpei talking about his character "Aa-kun" on the drama 'Hyoryu Net Cafe'. The sound of his voice in this one gets me all excited for some reason. . .hehehe

    I'll be back after I'm all caught up!
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    Re: Twins appreciation

    Post by Ryu Rena on Tue Jul 16, 2013 1:31 am

    We're just a bunch of crazy ladies enjoying our time relaxing here talking about the twins and losing our panties while we're at it. No surprise that this place is a good place to unwind ^^ And yes Lu-chan, place to place is an extremely cute if not hillarious show, how's the K anime going for you Takagi-senpai?? Very Happy Are you feeling an extreme rush of emotions yet??

    Lu-chan..THAT STORY! Onion Sweat 

    You almost killed me, darn me and my perverted dirty mind!! But all in all, that was a really interesting story, right now I'm not writing a twin fanction though. I'm now writing a story about K and also about this game I've been playing online.

    hitachiin-fangirl wrote:The second one was inspired by a wonderful photo edit by our dear friend, Rena-chan

    Onion Blush Hitachiin-san, that's cute~ And of course the fluff just melted me >w< I won't be surprised if they actually did this at some point of their lives :3 Nodding The time when Shinpei cooked for Manpei (last year, was it?) and Manpei somehow looks as if he's kissing the food Shinpei cooked heartmelt for me XD

    Mrs. Takagi wrote:I know we talked about it before on this forum. . . .and I think the conversation was led by the thread two honorary perverts i.e., Ryu Rena and myself LOL

    I'm not THAT much of a pervert Laughing I? Well, I am honored to be known as the honorary pervert here in this thread, or else it won't be as much fun Big Laugh Wouldn't want you to get all the perviness around here Onion Laugh 

    lusza wrote:~Daydreaming~ If some of us happened to go there and get together with the twins...

    I've told this story to the others already, but I'll tell it again for you :3 Nodding A friend of mine; Katherine aka Kat visited Japan a couple of years ago during our semester break. She somehow met the twins taking a picture in the middle of the night with the help of a passer-by!! And she passed them without even glancing their direction!! When we all came back to school, I had a picture of the twins on my file and only then she recognized them! I was uber jealous when she told me the story... Onion Icy Breeze 

    The twins MIGHT have some experiences when it comes to..ahh..copulating... We know that a few years prior, they had girlfriends before they broke up, and during then, we don't know what they do together (as a couple) or where they go. So far we only know the reason for their break up, and that's because Shinpei's girlfriend complained that he doesn't treat her like how Manpei treats his girlfriend. Shinpei broke up with her because of that, but I don't know Manpei's reason..

    And then there's also that one time Manpei's girlfriend mistook Shinpei as him Laughing So far nowadays, they look as if they're not interested in girls, and I have conflicted feelings about that Neutral
    On one hand, I want them to be single forever and stay married to each other but on the other hand, I want them to be married and have children. Japan's birthrate is already low enough, we can't let this go on, right? Plus, I want them to pass their awesome genetics for the future, it'd be a shame if two extremely talented people don't pass what they have to their children.

    My 'twin sis' who also visited Japan said she hardly see any children on the streets, and from the information she got apparently the parents don't let the kids out of the house all the time. That, and there aren't many children to begin with Neutral

    But if the twins decided to grow together and be all lovey-dovey, I'm not gonna complain~ Onion Starry Eyes 
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    Re: Twins appreciation

    Post by Gemini Rose on Tue Jul 16, 2013 1:51 pm

    I have had the weirdest day. I am now a selling artist. LOL!

    I got tripped and my portfolio went across the pavement. A guy saw my Encaustic of "The Wild" and said he liked it and wanted it. He offered £15. I said um ... ? (It's my fave on what I've done and I was wondering why he wanted it). He then said ok £25 and no more, I said okay. INSANE! I'm still a bit like, "Did this happen?"

    I will be back later to fully read and upload some more things. Just had to tell this.


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    Re: Twins appreciation

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