De-View 2011-09 (Twins Interview)


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    De-View 2011-09 (Twins Interview)

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    Like the original work, it seems like the tension is growing in the scenes!

    SHINPEI Yeah, it is. When we’re only doing scenes where we screw around, we get confused and stuff, like “how do we do this again?” when it’s finally time for a serious scene (laugh)

    MANPEI Yeah, after we only do “Tamaki is an idiot, and then we blow him off” scenes (laugh)

    In relation to the twins, tons of wild ideas have also exploded (laugh) What’s the reality?

    MANPEI We’re not Hikaru and Kaoru, but we also had that time where we wouldn’t involve ourselves with others and only hung out with each other. That was especially true when we were kids, but since we entered the entertainment industry through the perk of being twins, we were able to involve ourselves with others. That’s probably also a lot like Hikaru and Kaoru. Now, I can think “I’m glad we’re twins”.

    SHINPEI There was a time when Manpei came to hang out backstage at the “Prince of Tennis” musical and he was a natural. Everyone had been saying “I want to meet Manpei” and when he showed up, even though it was his first meeting with them, he fit right in (laugh).

    Well, the other thing that’s on everyone’s mind is the BL (boy’s love) scenes. I couldn’t believe they would really do it in the drama! (laugh)

    SHINPEI Us, too! We were like, “We’re gonna do it!?”

    MANPEI And when the rehearsal schedule came out, we were like “Ah, this!?” (laugh)

    SHINPEI It was only the rehearsal, but we felt a sense of accomplishment like we’d finished recording it

    MANPEI To have to get your face and bodies that close to each other, as brothers and in front of about 20 women who are intensely watching, is a bit... well...

    SHINPEI I always think this during the scenes: the number one reason everyone’s so anxious is us! (laugh) You just can’t even compare it to things like Mori-senpai giving Honey-senpai piggy back rides or when Tamaki makes the girls swoon. So we have a lot of different responsibilities on our shoulders! (laugh)

    MANPEI Yeah. And even though I don’t want to do it over and over, and I think we can do it in one shot, (he points at Shinpei) this guy always messes up his lines! And when we’re arguing between ourselves about “Don’t mess up your lines!” the staff starts laughing and says “Ah, you guys really don’t want to do this, huh?” and they laugh.

    SHINPEI But you know, we’ve pretty much gotten used to it. (Shinpei pushes his face close to Manpei’s) Even though we’re acting from this distance, we’ve gotten used to it. Ah, but it’s just really thorough acting! Please don’t get the wrong idea! (laugh)

    MANPEI Well also, the director really never cuts away, either. We stick ourselves so close to each other like this, and then the cameras just keep on rolling. It’s like “What are you waiting for!? Do you want us to kiss!?” (laugh) And then there’s Daito and the others who absolutely love Hikaru & Kaoru’s relationship. But we're the ones who are really shy.

    SHINPEI For example, I absolutely hate having to bully people (laugh)

    Well then, lastly, please give a message to the readers of “De-View”!

    SHINPEI We also debuted because of “De-View”, and we would buy the same issue 3 times and stuff.

    MANPEI Making mistakes on your resume is really horrible they say. It’s the first and only appeal to them you have, so we very carefully went letter by letter as we wrote down our thoughts. And then after we sent it, we called the office quite a few times and said “It’s the twins that applied. Have the results come out yet?” It was probably extremely irritating for them, huh? Like, “It’s those twins again!” (laugh)

    SHINPEI Without ever actually saying it, our parents also gave us the impression that “hey, you should wait awhile”. But we felt like we were in a corner and said, “There’s no other way!”

    MANPEI Yep. So everyone, aim to debut and please do your best!

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    Post on Fri Sep 09, 2011 11:30 pm by abtomat

    hahaha i love reading wat they have to say about their bl scenes xD thanks!

    Post on Sat Sep 10, 2011 12:18 am by Beelzenef

    Ah, but it’s just really thorough acting! Please don’t get the wrong idea! (laugh)
    Quick to clear that one up. SOUNDS LIKE YOU'RE HIDING SOMETHING.

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